Oncoplastic Surgery

Wide local excision is a surgical treatment for breast cancer, which involves the removal of the tumour along with a margin of healthy tissue. This procedure results in a distorted breast that may not be aesthetically pleasing to the patient. Oncoplastic breast surgery is a procedure that combines breast cancer surgery and cosmetic surgery, and involves reshaping the breast defect at the time of wide local excision . Ideal candidates for oncoplastic breast surgery are those eligible for wide local excision , mastopexy (breast lift) or breast reduction.

Oncoplastic breast surgery is performed on an inpatient basis. Your surgeon makes an incision around the nipple and areola area, from the nipple to the breast fold and along the breast fold. The cancerous breast tissue is removed and your surgeon sculpts or reshapes the remaining breast tissue to shape the breast, and repositions the nipple if required. If this procedure disrupts blood supply to the nipple, the nipple is removed and replaced after completion of the breast reduction or lift. Your surgeon may reshape or lift the healthy breast to ensure symmetry.

Oncoplastic breast surgery allows you to have a normal looking breast after the removal of the tumour and without the need for transplanted or artificial implants to correct the defect. The surgery involves faster recovery and less pain when compared to traditional reconstructive surgery. Revision surgery, which is usually required for breast implants may not be necessary. However, as with any procedure, oncoplastic breast surgery may involve certain risks and complications such as the inability to lactate and numbness in the nipple.